Koda’s Sore Toe


We often have dogs come to us because of limping, swollen or painful limbs. Many times these conditions can resolve with strict rest and pain medication but not in Koda’s case. Koda is a 2 year old year old chocolate lab who is full of energy. Her owner’s noticed she was limping on her front foot and her toe  appeared swollen. Dr. Rymes had x-rays taken which revealed a foreign body in her foot. But what was it???? Surgery was needed to remove the object. 14232595_1310005549009978_4900433559568248634_nKoda was placed under a general anesthetic where Dr. Rymes was able to remove a small piece of metal 2mm long from her foot. Koda did excellent during surgery and is now back home . Her owners have reported she is “acting like a whole new dog”. What a relief it must be for her to have the metal sliver removed!!!

Radom Koda (1)



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