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The Frisbee: A Dog’s Other Best Friend

Have you ever wondered how the “Frisbee” came to be? The use of a flying disc as a toy has a very unusual origin. College students visiting the Frisbie Baking Company (1871-1958) in Connecticut discovered that the empty pie tins could be tossed around for fun.

Walter Frederick Morrison invented a plastic version of this makeshift toy in 1948, which could fly further and with better accuracy than a tin pie plate. The new toy was named the “Pluto Platter”, after the growing popularity of UFOs at the time.

In 1955, Morrison sold the “Pluto Platter” to the company, Wham-O, which is also responsible for producing the “Hula Hoop”, the “Super Ball” and the “Water Wiggle”. The flying disc was later renamed the “Frisbee” after the baking company shut down, providing a catchy new name to increase sales. Today the “Frisbee” is a popular canine favorite!

Does your dog love the Frisbee? If not we would love to hear their favourites! 

Bozz Frisbee - June 20

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