Cat Boarding

Relocating cats for temporary stays can be very stressful for everyone involved. Victoria Veterinary Clinic recognizes this and is proud to offer a ‘cat-exclusive’ boarding facility where we will try to make your cat’s stay as restful and ‘home-like’ as possible.  Your cat will have daily access to a play area with toys, scratchers, an aquarium and lounge chair, as well as multi-level, spacious condo units, with window views and glass doors, and twice daily ‘maid service’.  Your friend will be mentally stimulated by the new locale, new smells and new people, but comforted by their own bedding and belongings and routine feeding schedules.  Cats requiring special medical care, such as medication or injections, and multiple cats needing to stay together, can be accommodated.

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Cat Boarding Done Purfectly!