Our Careteam

Hospital Manager
Leah was born and raised in Regina. She now lives on a farm just outside of Balgonie with her wonderful husband Kiley, their beautiful daughter Hailey, three cats “Izzy”, "Nala" and “Earl” and dog Kody.

She started at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a kennel assistant and then moved through the job titles of veterinary assistant, surgical assistant and receptionist. After many years at the clinic, Leah has taken on the responsibility of hospital manager. She skillfully manages the team of knowledgeable and caring people who provide the best care possible for your pets.
Veterinary Technologist
Theresa grew up in Regina and thanks to her parents she developed a great love for animals. Her parents raised, bred and showed Miniature Dachshunds, rabbits and Speckle Park Cattle.

To better enable her to care for animals, she decided to attend the Veterinary Technology program at SIAST Kelsey campus. She graduated in 2003 and in 2004 joined the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic.

Theresa became fear free certified after Dr. Shtuka was introduced to it at a conference she had gone to in the United States. She came back and explained the philosophy behind it and showed us videos to demonstrate some different methods for blood draws and pedicures. Theresa saw the significance behind the philosophy and decided that she would like to become certified.

Theresa is married to a great man named Jeff, they have an adorable son Monte. Their furry friends include Bella a Saint Bernard X, Ellie a Miniature Dachshund and 2 ferrets Diego and Dusty .
Veterinary Technologist
Erin graduated from SIAST Kelsey Campus as a Veterinary Technologist in June 2009 and has been in practice ever since. She was born and raised in good old Regina.

In addition to her title as veterinary technologist she now has a new title as mom to her beautiful boy Dominic and is loving every moment of parenting! Her furry babies include 2 rescue cats named Emma and Sophie.

Erin loves working at Victoria Veterinary Clinic and is proud to be a part of a team that strives to ensure the health and well-being of every animal that walks through our doors! Her passion for her work is in clinical pathology, particularly parasitology. She is working towards getting her specialty in this field.
Veterinary Technologist
Nicole graduated from Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta in 2014 and loved every minute of it! She has spent time working at a couple practices both with large and small animals, which was always a blast!

At home Nicole has a menagerie of animals! Rosie, her Heinz 57 dog, is quite the talker and Tesla her feline friend is often a troublesome brat! In addition she has many pond fish and tropical fish. Hubble, Cassini, Kepler, and Voyager are a few of her special goldfish. Last, but not least, Philaea, a Leopard Gecko who is sweet as can be. The entire group lives comfortably in Regina and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you may guess by the names of her pets, she loves astronomy and tries to keep up with all of the NASA, and ESA news. As a regular traveler, she explores various destinations during the winter months. Personal favourites are Barbados, Maui, and Disney world. Her favourite past times are hanging out with her 4 legged friends, curling up with a good book and spending time at the lake.
Veterinary Assistant

Tristen joined the clinic in April 2016 as a kennel assistant. His love and passion for animals played a large part in his decision to apply for a job within the clinic. Tristen currently lives with his mom, dad, and sister until such time that he can attend school at the University of Saskatchewan. He currently has 4 cats, Sammey, Sparky, Oreo, and Tic-Tac. They all have their own unique personalities from shy, loving, moody to playful and curious. His passions are working hard in his current position and hopes to one day achieve his goal of becoming a Veterinarian.

Delaney lived on a farm near Dubuc, Sask until she was 9 years old. She loved spending her time playing outside with her dogs, catching wild kittens and helping her mom milk the goats. She always looked forward to the times when her dad would hook up the team of horses and go out for a wagon ride. After moving off the farm she lived in a few small towns including Melville and Esterhazy and later moved to Regina where she has turned into a city girl. Fortunately she is still able to visit the farm in her spare time.

During high school she worked at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a kennel assistant and then took on duties as a veterinary assistant until 2001. She then left the clinic to explore other job opportunities but happily returned in 2009 to accept a position as a veterinary assistant. Currently she works as a receptionist.

Over the years she has acquired 2 crazy scotch collies “Georgia” and “Dexter”, has rescued “Digger” a red heeler mix, “Mopi” a shepherd mix, ”Kuma” a shiba inu, 2 cats “Manni” and “Sylvester”, 3 gold fish and a Plecostomus. In her spare time Delaney enjoys taking the dogs to training classes including clicks and tricks, obedience, agility and doga and spending time at the farm.
Crystal was raised in Regina and has always loved having animals around. She was fortunate to grow up working closely with her family and has now expanded her experiences and joined the Victoria Vet Clinic as a receptionist in the fall of 2015.

She has two lovely teenage daughters Hailey and Kristin and a handsome young son, Taisen that are the light of her life. She has currently moved her family into a new condo that they share with their 2 Pomeranian’s named Rocky and Bear.
Born in Regina, Tyler was raised both on the family farm outside of Avonlea, as well as in the city. Having been around a range of animals all her life. Tyler’s current furry best friends include a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier Hexe who runs the household. Vasil, a handsome 6 year old Australian shepherd who enjoys herding the farm cats and Jessi a sweet 4 year old border collie lab cross who loves nothing more than a splash in the lake, whatever season it may be.

After high school, Tyler worked in various areas of retail while taking night classes at SIAST before joining the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic. Now, that she is working with what she loves most in life animals, she is happy.

Aside from enjoying her days at the clinic, Tyler spends her time keeping active outside with her dogs, working on the farm, spending time with family and indulging in a nap where ever she can.
Michelle grew up in the small town of Wynyard. After high school, she moved to Regina to attend SIAST where she received her diploma in Applied Photography. After working for several years in the Photography industry she decided to pursue another career path working with animals and joined the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a Receptionist in September 2018. She very much enjoys meeting the many different animals and clients that visit the clinic.

Michelle has two beautiful pups a Miniature Beagle named Indy and a boisterous Redbone Coonhound named Marlo. She could not imagine life without them.

When not working, Michelle enjoys painting, attending Aerial fitness classes or just cuddling up on the couch with her furry family for a Netflix marathon.
Hailey was born in Terrace, BC., raised in Medicine Hat, AB. and moved to Regina with her partner to further his Power Lineman Apprenticeship in 2021.
Before moving here, Hailey worked at a Dog and Cat Daycare & Boarding Kennel for 3 years. There she officially locked in her love of working with our companion pets, big and small!
Animals have always been a huge part of Hailey’s life. She now has 3 dogs who are just as goofy, loud and loving as she is!
Jaxx her oldest is a Husky/Shepherd/Pitbull/Bulldog mix, Mika the middle is a Norwegian Elkhound and the youngest Utah is a Siberian Husky/Chocolate Lab mix. They run her world but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
When Hailey is not at the clinic, she likes to spend quality time with her furry little family, movie marathons, gaming, baking, hiking with the dogs and traveling the world.
Since joining us as a Receptionist in August of 2021, she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!
Dawn was born in Regina but raised in Southey. Dawn has always had a passion for animals since she was very young. She has owned and loved fish, dogs, cats, guinea pigs as well as horses. Dawn currently has 2 dogs Gunner and Meika at home as well as 2 cats Snoopy and Loki. In her free time Dawn enjoys snowmobiling, horseback riding, spending time with her family as well as curling up on the couch with a good book. Dawn currently works at the clinic as a full time receptionist.
Amelia was born and raised in Regina, with a love to care for animals since being a young girl. Animals have always been around her growing up with cats, dogs, hamsters and even hermit crabs.
After high school she worked at a Pharmacy for 7 years. She is now finishing a Degree in Computer Science while working as a full time receptionist at the clinic. She has two cats that have big purrsonalities! Salem, her eldest cat at 3 years old has pretty, smooth, solid black fur and some spunkiness to him. Mochi is a fluffy brown and white cat, 2 years old, with lots of spice to show the house who is boss.
When out of the clinic Amelia loves to exercise at the gym, go for outdoor hikes, hit the slopes, make time for gaming or have movie nights at home.
Veterinary Assistant
Brittany was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and has always had a strong passion for caring for animals. Since joining our team her love for animals has grown even more as she gets to know all our clients and their furry companions.
Brittany has a two year old energetic Schnoodle named Piper who is always keeping her on her toes. She could not imagine life without her little four legged best friend.
In her spare time Brittany enjoys playing handball, spending time with her friends and family, reading a book, or cuddling up on the couch with her pup.
Veterinary Assistant
Teighlor was born and raised in Prince Albert where her love of animals developed at a young age. As a small child you’d often be able to find her exploring the outdoors collecting rocks, looking for ant colonies and attempting to bring stray animals home. According to Teighlor, frogs were definitely strays in need of a home, though her mother would disagree. When she wasn’t outside she’d be watching Steve Irwin and David Attenborough documentaries on the TV, affectionately exclaiming, “that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.

When Teighlor was 16 she moved to Regina with her parents. Over the years Teighlor has grown quite fond of Regina she has been able to build her own suburban zoo. Teighlor currently lives with 4 salamanders (Dirt, Mole, Worm, Spazz) and 2 turtles (Ponyo, Sherbet) as well as her 3 beloved cats. Noctis is an affectionate and mischievous black cat. Juniper is a calico with an official veterinary diagnosis of “diva-itis”. Ichigo is an orange tabby who may not like being touched, but loves laying next to you.

When Teighlor isn’t cleaning up a mess from a four legged friend she enjoys reading, video games, movies and drawing. She’s a bit of a geek. Teighlor is enthusiastic about being apart of the Victoria Veterinary Clinic team as a new Vet Assistant and aspires to one day become a Certified Vet Tech!
Veterinary Assistant
Lucas was born and raised in Regina, Sk. When he was younger he remembers begging his parents for a dog (to no avail). At 16 years old he moved out on his own and got his very first dog, a blue heeler named Binx. Lucas graduated high school in 2016. Since then, Lucas has worked in the customer service industry while trying to decide what he would like to go to school for. Lucas’ love for helping others has made him want to take the paramedic course in the future.
Currently, Lucas and his girlfriend of 4 years live together with their 6 year old rescue dog Nixon, who’s a goofy lab staffy mix and is the life of the party. They actively foster cats from Regina Cat Rescue. In his spare time, Lucas likes to play with his dog Nixon, keep his foster cat entertained, read, watch his Netflix list that seems to never end, and hangout with friends and family. Lucas is happy to join the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as an assistant!
Veterinary Assistant
Brandee has always had a love for animals. She grew up in Regina with rabbits for pets as a child. She now has a young Pitbull mix named Tael, and a cat named Beans. In her spare time she likes to collect and play video games. Brandee spends a lot of her free time hanging out at the dog park with Tael or cuddled up on the couch binge watching tv.
Veterinary Assistant
Abigail grew up in Moose Jaw SK where her love for animals started. She grew up around a dog (Sassy an adorable cocker spaniel) and cat (Patches an adorable calico!). She also loved visiting her aunt’s farm to spend time with all the chickens and horses! Horses ended up being one of her favorite animals growing up and she always enjoyed horseback riding. She moved to Regina 5 years ago and bought her first house 3 years ago with her now fiancé Ryan. They have fur babies of their own, 2 Border collie mix's, Jack and Bailey who are always keeping them occupied with their craziness! They also have a cute domestic shorthair cat named Pepper who likes to curl up beside them and soak up all the attention. She just started working at Victoria Vet Clinic where she loves working with animals as a vet assistant.
Veterinary Assistant
Rennell was born and raised in Regina Sk. Her love for animals started when she was a little girl. She would spend weeks at a time out at her cousin's farm with all the animals and spend endless hours with them. Her favourite was a horse called Zora that she enjoyed riding. She is now a Veterinarian Assistant with us and loving it.

Rennell has a bearded dragon named Red and a kitty named Trap. She is engaged to be married and has a 1 year old! In her free time she enjoys spending it with her daughter curled up on the couch on movie day, shopping or going to Cora's for a family breakfast.
Veterinary Assistant
Jessica was born and raised in Regina. She is currently a full-time student at the University of Regina working towards finishing her bachelor’s degree in Statistics and is hopeful that afterwards she will eventually fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian.
She is loving working with the animals and the experience she is gaining as an assistant at the clinic. Her love of animals started at a very young age. Jessica has always had a number of pets at home and throughout her life she has had nearly every kind of house pet you could think of. She currently has 2 fur babies of her own, two cats named Leo and Hugo, as well as the family dog, a yorkie named Gemma. She is a very busy girl, but enjoys running, playing basketball, boxing, traveling and anything to do with astronomy.
Kennel Assistant