Radiology (x-ray)

Radiography (x-ray) – A radiograph, commonly referred to as an “x-ray”, is a 2-dimensional black-and-white image of the inside of your pet’s body and is particularly effective for solid structures like bones, teeth or foreign objects. Both our dental and full body X-ray units are digital. Using digital equipment enables us to quickly review the diagnostic quality of the radiographs, reducing the amount of radiation your pet is exposed to, as well as reducing time under gas anesthesia, if used.


Ultrasound is the visual expression of sound waves and is particularly effective for evaluating the internal structure of organs, soft tissue and body cavities. A non-invasive procedure, ultrasound is usually well-tolerated by pets, generally rendering the use of sedation or anesthesia unnecessary.


We use both automatic and manual evaluative methods for blood, urine and fecal samples, allowing us to verify both the quantity and quality of individual test components.  Having these capabilities in-house enables timely results, so we are often able to detect problems and begin treatment for your pets right away.