Puppy Strangles



Puppy Strangles, also known as juvenile cellulitis, is a rare condition that affects puppies, particularly breeds like Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers and Gordon Setters. It is a nodular/pustular skin disorder that appears between three weeks and four months of age, and is not common in adult dogs.



The symptoms of Puppy Strangles include: severe and sudden facial swelling concentrated around the eyes, nose, mouth and genital area; salivary gland enlargement, pustules (or oozing sores), ear infections, crusted sores, joint pain, lethargy, fever and skin tenderness.


The cause of Puppy Strangles is not known at this time but it is believed to be related to an inheritable immune dysfunction. Treatment can include supportive care, such as fluids, in addition to medication. Most cases will resolve with treatment but in some cases heavy scaring can remain.



This sweet little guy came in to the clinic exhibiting many of the symptoms of Puppy Strangles. In spite of his severe appearance, Kody responded very well to treatment and within a few days he was already feeling better. It has been a number of weeks now and he is still improving day by day! He will make a full recovery, although he may experience some scaring.

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