Chico’s Fractured Femur

Meet Chico!

60222002This little Blue Heeler puppy had the misfortune of fracturing his femur, at 8 weeks old, due to a tumble off some stairs.

1.2.840.114387.687135302.29985.17803.36012.40784043327130Thanks to Dr. Shtuka and the Vic Vet team, Chico successfully underwent a fracture repair surgery and is on the mend!


His day started with an exam to make sure he was well enough for surgery and to look for any potential risk factors. He also received a blood test and urinalysis the day before, which gave more information on the health of his internal organs and his blood cell levels. After deemed fit, Chico was sedated and his procedure began.

Once Chico was nice and sleepy, he was put on IV fluids. This helped to maintain his blood pressure and support the functioning of his organs during the procedure. An endotracheal tube was then placed and he was started on anaesthetic. His surgical site was prepped and cleaned while his heart rate and oxygen level were monitored. He also got a pedicure done for free!


Next, Chico was moved into surgery and the real fun began! First, a small incision was made at the top of his femur. The two broken halves of his leg bone were lined up and the first pin was placed. This pin went through the two bone halves, running parallel down his leg. Its function is to keep the bone from bending sideways. Next, two more pins were placed, each through their own small incisions, perpendicular to the femur, to prevent twisting.


At this point, Chico was moved to x-ray so Dr. Shtuka could take a look inside and make sure everything was in order. The pins were then attached to each other on the outside of Chico’s body to prevent too much movement. The end product works together like a cast would on humans to keep Chico’s femur stable so it can heal properly as new bone forms.


His family is doing a great job continuing his treatment at home! This includes bandage changes, pain management and rehabilitation exercises, as well as bringing him down to the clinic regularly for recheck exams and x-rays. Chico’s pins have now been removed and his leg is continuing to heal. His mobility is improving each day and he is expected to make a full recovery!




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