Update on the Covid-19 protocols at Victoria Vet Clinic, as of June 11

Now that Saskatchewan is in Phase 3 and cases of Covid-19 are low in the province, we are beginning to change a few things in our protocol!

  • ONE person only will be permitted inside the building to attend their pets’ appointment, on the condition that YOU PROVIDE A MASK of some sort for yourself to wear.
  • Clients will still have the option to wait inside their vehicle for the duration of their pets’ appointment, if they so choose, or if they do not wish to wear a mask. If you have other family members with you, we ask that they please wait in the vehicle. If you bring children, we ask you to wait in the vehicle with them.
  • You still MUST CALL from your vehicle before you can enter the building. The doors of the clinic will remain locked and we are not accepting walk-ins.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided inside the foyer for clients to use upon entrance.
  • We are now scheduling non-essential services such as wellness exams, vaccine appointments and elective surgeries. There is a wait list for such appointments, so expect to be booking at least a few weeks away from the time you call in.

During Phase 3 some things that will be remaining the same are:

  • Due to limited space within the clinic we can only accommodate so many people inside while maintaining a safe distance, therefore curbside pickup is still in effect. CALL US FROM YOUR VEHICLE when you arrive. Medication and food pickup will still be done between the door entrances of the building.
  • Cash is not being accepted at this time, with credit card and visa-debit over the phone still being the preferred method of payment. Paying using the debit machine can be arranged at the door.
  • Since we are doing appointments and pick-ups at the door, one at a time, it is very important that the front door not become crowded. Please leave a 6ft/2meter distance between yourself and the front door unless you have been asked to come inside.
  • The phone lines are still very busy, so please bear with us! We want to be able to help as many pets as possible so sometimes it may take an extra few minutes on hold. If lines are busy please try phoning again in a few minutes.
  • If you do not have a cellphone we are still happy to accommodate you. Please try to let us know in advance of when you are to pick-up/drop-off so we know when to expect your arrival. You can then knock on our front window to get the attention of reception. Please keep your distance for the door until you are called inside.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and helping us keep everyone in our community safe.

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