What vaccinations does my cat need?

The answer varies with each individual cat. There are some serious diseases for which all cats should be immunized. These vaccinations start when your cat is a kitten and continue throughout your cat’s life. Vaccines are usually very effective at preventing these diseases. However, if a vaccinated cat develops an infection, it is usually milder than in an unvaccinated cat.

Your cat’s lifestyle might expose him or her to specific diseases, but even indoor cats need to be vaccinated. They can be exposed to viruses and bacteria:

  • While boarding
  • When other cats are added to the household
  • By people who bring infectious organisms inside on their clothing or shoes

Sometimes after vaccination, cats will experience a fever and muscle soreness. Both are usually mild. But without vaccination, cats are vulnerable to disease and even death. Become an active member of your cat’s healthcare team—call us to find out if your cat is up to date on recommended vaccinations.


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