Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps can be a common occurrence in our pets. A visit to your veterinarian can determine if these lumps or bumps should be cause for concern, especially if you have noticed a change in their size or color.

The following picture is of a Lipoma (fatty lump) which was removed from a patient at our clinic.  These benign tumours are formed when fat cells (lipocytes) grow as they store fat.  The more fat that they store, the bigger the lump can become.  These lumps feel soft and are moveable, typically. To diagnose, your veterinarian can collect a needle aspirate and identify the fat cells under a microscope. As they are benign, removal of these types of lumps is only necessary if they become bothersome to the pet due to their location or size. This patient’s lipoma was growing in its armpit causing discomfort and displacement of its elbow. Following its removal, this dog was back to its active lifestyle!



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