The importance of annual wellness visits–

Your pet isn’t sick. He seems perfectly healthy, actually. So why bring him in for a visit?lisa

Wellness visits are when we evaluate your pet’s weight, vital signs, and track any changes from previous years. Sometimes yearly changes in these areas are the first signs of potential problems, and early intervention can prevent issues from progressing. Your pet may also require booster vaccines to help keep him or her protected from dangerous diseases. If you don’t see us regularly, that protection could lapse, leaving your pet at risk.

Also, remember that many dogs are social and active, spending time in various indoor/outdoor environments and around other animals. Each of these factors introduces different risks to your dog. The more you tell us about your dog’s changing lifestyle, the better care we can provide.


Annual wellness visits help us:

Monitor weight and vital signs

Discuss behavioural changes that may indicate a change in your pet’s health

Discuss lifestyle changes that may warrant a change in our care approach

Provide any necessary medications and vaccinations

Identify medical issues requiring immediate attention

Inform you of care advances or changes that may impact your pet

Establish a true relationship with you and your pet so you can feel comfortable coming to us with questions or for advice


Help us keep your pet healthy and happy. Call us to schedule a wellness visit today.

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