Victoria Veterinary Clinic Annual Christmas Party 2015

Victoria Vet Clinic staff had a fun night out on the town! With the Christmas season being so busy we had a belated Christmas party! This year we decided to go bowling but we upped the stakes with a friendly competition. Prizes were awarded for Overall High Score (Champion), Most Strikes and Most Spares! And of course the least coveted Worst All around Bowler.

Dr. Patzwald was our 2016 Bowling Champion, Dr. Rymes proudly wears the metal for Most Strikes, Delaney and Tonya tied for most spares and let’s not forget about Grace, who took home the Worst Bowler Trophy!

Afterwards to refuel from the strenuous competition, we went to Brewsters for supper and a gift exchange. Pressures on for next year to get our names on those trophies, only 11 more months to practice!


Group Photo!

Group Photo!

High Score - Dr.Patzwald!

High Score – Dr.Patzwald!

Most Strikes!

Most Strikes – Dr. Rymes!

IMG_0196Tied for Most Spares - Delaney and Tonya

Tied for Most Spares – Tonya and Delaney!










Worst All around Bowler – Grace




More Bowling!












Gift Time!





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