Edwin came to the Victoria Veterinary Clinic for his first visit because his caretaker noticed some hair loss on his face. Dr. Rymes examined him and suspected that Edwin may have ringworm.


Ringworm is a fungal infection, not a worm at all, that affects the skin, hair and nails. Not all animals exposed to ringworm spores will become infected. Some animals do not contract an infection at all while some are asymptomatic carriers that show no signs but carry and spread spores to others. Ringworm is zoonotic which means that it can be transmitted to humans.

Dr. Rymes’ suspicion was confirmed with a Wood’s Lamp Test. The light from the Wood’s Lamp causes the ringworm spores to fluoresce lime green. Ringworm is a treatable condition. Edwin will have to take medication for a number of weeks to months and come back to see Dr. Rymes for  follow up exams to determine when he is clear of the ringworm infection.


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