Zipper’s Mysterious Illness

When Zipper came in to the clinic earlier this year he was not eating, vomiting and behaving strangely. He was very vocal and did not want to play or socialize. This was very unusual behaviour for him. Dr. Shtuka suggested that blood work and a urinalysis be done to check for any underlying health issues that could have been causing his symptoms. All of these tests came back negative and there was no obvious reason for his illness.  They decided to try some medications for a few days to see if his condition would improve. Unfortunately, these medications were not successful and Zipper continued to be ill.


The next step was to bring Zipper in for x-rays to see if they could see a reason for his illness. The x-rays revealed that there was a foreign body lodged in his digestive system that was causing his illness. This object needed to be removed in order for him to feel better and so surgery was scheduled for the next day.  The foreign body turned out to be his owner’s necklace! This was a complete shock to his owner as he never eaten anything like this before. Thankfully, once the necklace was removed Zipper was able to fully recover.




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