Diggers Dental Day

  Arriving at the clinic early in the morning on her big day, DSC00207Digger is probably hoping for breakfast, as she hasn’t had anything to eat since early the night before.  Anesthetic medications can make some animals sick to their stomachs, so having an empty stomach is a precaution in case of nausea.

Following admission, Digger has a quick ‘nose-to-tail’ exam by the veterinarian DSC00203  and, as her family opted to have pre-surgical blood work done, the veterinarian reviews the results. DSC00196

Digger’s blood work shows she is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia, so she is placed on intra-venous fluids  DSC00220and her heart, lungs and temperature are checked one more time.

Once she is under anesthesia, a thorough exam is made of Digger’s mouth and dental X-rays are taken DSC00235so the veterinarian can see the condition of her teeth above AND below the gum line.

Digger’s teeth are scaled, cleaned and polished.DSC00227

Happily, she did not need to have any teeth removed, so she is ready to recover. Digger has been closely monitored throughout the procedure and this continues during recovery until she is able to sit up and move around on her own.

Before she goes home the veterinary technologist reviews the x-rays, the before and after photographs as well as post-operative care instructions with Diggers owner.

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Dental home care options are also discussed with the family to ensure Digger continues to do well until her dental recheck in 2 weeks.  

Digger and her family are very happy that it’s time to go home.  Digger loves the hugs from her family. And her family loves the clean, fresh-smelling kisses!


By Shannon McCallion

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