How to Choose a Happy and Stress Free Cat Boarding Facility

Trusting our Furry Family Members with strangers can be a very stressful situation for both you and your pets. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow some insider tips to help you choose the purrfect home away from home for your best friends.

Before you book your next vacation or travel destination make sure to call the kennel or Veterinary boarding facility ahead of time. During the busier times of the year, particularly Christmas and long weekends, boarding facilities can book up quickly and you may be left without a reservation if arrangements are not made well in advance.

When looking for a boarding facility be sure to take a tour.

What to look for:

  • How clean is the facility?
  • How does it smell?
  • Are there any sharp edges inside or around the kennel?
  • Are there any large gaps for paws and noses to get through?
  • Are any of the pets showing signs of stress?
  • Do they allow pets from different families to intermingle?
  • Are there scheduled times for exercise?

Think about which kennel your pet may be more comfortable in.

  • Does your pet like to sun bathe and if so consider a condo with a window.
  • If your pet is very shy try a condo with a cat house or enough room to add a cat hut.

After your tour, if you still aren’t sure how your pet will react while staying away from home it might be a good idea to ‘test board’ for one to two nights ahead of time.

Most importantly, be sure to check your pet’s vaccination records. Many kennels will not accept pets without proof of up to date vaccinations. Some facilities may even require additional vaccinations, flea/tick or lice prevention as well.  Be sure to inquire about the facility’s specific requirements prior to dropping off your pet.  If your pet is on any medications refill their prescriptions ahead of time.

When it is time to pack bring enough food for the duration of their time away and a little extra for those times when your pet may have to stay later than expected. This is very important if your pet is on a special diet. Some boarding facilities offer maintenance foods such as Royal Canin and Science Diet as part of the boarding fee. To help your pet relax, bring their bed/blanket or favorite toy.  Something that smells like you, such as your sweater can also help your pet feel more comfortable.  As an extra service, some boarding facilities will offer a pickup and drop off, exercise or grooming. Contact the boarding facility for details and fees.

Hopefully these insider tips will be helpful when thinking about boarding your furry family member. Practice happy boarding and we hope to see you soon!

By Ashley Gordon

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