Summer Pet Safety

Summer Safety

By Falyn Jarvis

Summer time can mean fun for the entire family including your pets. Trips to the beach, camping and outdoor events are a great opportunity to spend time with your pets but it can also be dangerous if you are not mindful of your pet’s wellbeing.

  1. Pets should never be left in the car during the summer months. They can very quickly suffer from heat stroke and this can be fatal. Even if the windows are open this is still not a suitable option, they can still over heat and your pet could escape or be removed from the vehicle. So please do not leave your pets in the car.
  2. Certain breeds of dog are very susceptible to heart stroke and respiratory issues. These breeds are often those with shorter or snubbed noses. Some common examples of these dogs are Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, and Boxers. Older dogs or those that are overweight may also be at higher risk.
  3. Dogs spending a lot of time outside need to have plenty of access to shade and water at all times no matter the age or breed. For those pets that spend a lot of time outside pet owners should consider investing in a few simple products to make their pets more comfortable.

An indoor/outdoor water bed can be a great way to cool your pet down. Specialty collars and vests made from reflective materials and containing small amounts of water can also be used to keep your pet cool, these are especially handy for hunting dogs or those who hike with their owners. Kiddie pools and sprinklers are an inexpensive and great way for your dog to play and keep cool.georgia

  1. When taking your pets for a walk please do not over do it! Always bring along a water bottle to keep your pet hydrated. And remember if the pavement is too hot for your feet it is too hot for your dog’s paws.
  2. In addition to the heat, summer time can present additional dangers to pets. Did you know that a Geranium is toxic to dogs? Many common house and garden plants are not pet friendly and can cause symptoms ranging from mild itchy skin to severe shock or even death. In order to ensure that your yard is safe have a look around and remove any plant that could be dangerous. Try shopping for plants with help from your smart phone The ASPCA has a comprehensive list you can access from your phone while you are shopping. This makes it super easy to keep your yard safe!  And remember weed killers, pesticides, cocoa mulch and even soils loaded with fertilizer can be toxic to pets when ingested or absorbed through the skin. Please use these products with caution.                                                                 Have a safe Summer!!

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