Tips to Remember When Preparing to Get a New Puppy

Are you ready? Really ready for the pitter patter of little puppy feet? Sure they are cute and all but they are a handful. Keep in mind your new pup will need all kinds of care, sometimes around the clock! Can you afford it? Puppies need three sets of puppy vaccines as well as deworming. They also need puppy, and sometimes breed-specific diets, toys, grooming, walks and lots of love! So if you are ready read on!

Picking your breed. Now we all may love Labradors but do you love walks and lots of ’em? image(1)Be honest with yourself, if you are not a high energy person a high energy dog is probably not ideal. Likewise if you are a runner please remember a bulldog will not be the best jogging partner. So assess your situation and research breeds that suit your lifestyle. It is no fun for you or Fido if you are not both up for the same activities. Dogs that are not sufficiently exercised can develop behavioral issues and sadly, many are later given up when it becomes clear that the breed does not fit the family. Doing your homework will only benefit you and your dog.

Once you have an idea of the type of dog you would like consider where you will find him or her. Are you looking to find a breeder? Do you know what to look for to ensure they are reputable? Or are you more interested in adopting from a rescue? Saskatchewan is home to several great rescue organizations and they always have adorable puppies looking for forever homes.

When choosing your puppy remember they are all individuals and sometimes defy breed expectations and with mixed breeds it can be hard to guess what behaviors they may exhibit, for example, herding. So before you pick your puppy get to know him or her a bit! Observe the puppies while they are interacting. The shy puppy may tend to have anti-social tendencies where the most outgoing, dominant puppy may tend to grow to want to be the boss or leader of the family. Just like your are unique so is your dog–so choose carefully!

Before bringing home your new addition sit down with your family and decide together what your house rules will be. What will your puppy eat? Is your puppy going to sleep on image(2)your bed? Will he be allowed to jump on the couch? What is everyone responsible for? Whatever you decide be consistent! It will make training your pup so much easier if everyone is on board.

Great puppies that grow up to be great dogs are well socialized. Bring your puppy with you, after it has completed its puppy vaccinations of course, to pet shops, for walks, to parks and to your vet’s office. In fact this may be the most important place because not only do we love puppies but this will help your puppy associate the clinic with positive things which will make exams much easier in the future.

Play with your puppy’s feet! The more you can desensitize your dog to having his or her feet, ears and mouth touched the easier the nail trims, ear cleaning and tooth brushing will be. Create good habits from the very beginning, so you do not have to fix them later on. If you don’t know how to brush your dog’s teeth, ask us! We would love to show you how it’s done.

Training is fun and essential for a happy dog! A well trained dog is a happy dog. If your dog imageknows what is expected of him or her you will both have less stress and lead a more balanced life. If you have a nervous puppy or a dominant puppy address it right away! These things can be cute when they are babies but do you really want a dominant Saint Bernard? Probably not. Your puppy will love to learn and work for your praise and of course for his favorite treat as rewards.

You want your dog to love other dogs so let him make friends. If you are not comfortable at the dog park, try a pack walk with some friends. It is a great way to bond with your pup and get him used to other animals. Now is the time to teach them how to interact respectfully with other dogs… and for that matter cats, birds or whatever else you may want to introduce him to.

Last but most important love your puppy because he or she will certainly love you right back!




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