February is Dental Month!

A healthy mouth is vital to the overall health of your pet.   Throughout the day plaque and tartar build up on the teeth, combing with the moist, warm environment of the mouth this creates the perfect place for bacteria to grow.  The gums become reddened, inflamed and bleed, a condition referred to as gingivitis, or non-destructive periodontal disease.   If left untreated, the gums start to pull away from the tooth creating a pocket between gum and tooth.  More bacteria build up and begin to damage the tooth root and weaken the supporting bone and surrounding structures.  This is referred to as destructive periodontal disease. Your pet will experience discomfort, may lose teeth, drool excessively, drop food or refuse to eat and have bad breath.   At this point, it is likely that only a dental procedure will improve or rectify the condition.

Prevention IS the best medicine.  Regular dental care such as tooth brushing, therapeutic dental diets and treats, regular exams and preventative scale and polish treatments, will help your pet stay healthier overall, reduce the need for extensive dental work, and reduce the overall cost of caring for your pet. 

Feel free to contact the clinic to speak with a staff member who will be happy to discuss your pet’s specific needs. 

Check out Royal Canin’s Dental month quiz on Facebook ( to learn more and you could win prizes.   

Here are some before and after photo’s of a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel that we recently did a dental cleaning on. 

























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