Winter Safety Tips For Your Pets!

dog-in-jacketIt is that time of year again when the snow is falling and it is ‘oh so cold’! You remember to bundle up yourself and your kids, but what about your pets?  These are some of our winter survival tips to keep your pets healthy and safe this winter:

  1. Always make sure your pet has an appropriate shelter, especially for those pets that spend a lot of time outdoors.  If your dog lives outside please consider a heated, insulated dog house.
  2. Provide a heated water dish to ensure pets have access to water outside at all times, particularly those dogs that live outdoors.
  3. Please remember to knock on your hood before starting your vehicle!  Cold cats sometimes crawl in to the wheel wells and engines to keep warm and can be badly injured when the engine starts. This tip can save lives.
  4. Remember to trim excess hair between the pads of your pet’s feet. Long hair can become thick with ice and snow and can cause injury to the paws. If their paws are already icy you can try a pan of warm water to melt the ice instantly!
  5. Salt can be very tough on your pet’s feet, please remember to use pet friendly salt substitutes or kitty litter, and for those areas where you have no control consider boots or disposable foot coverings to protect your pet’s delicate feet.  If your dog will absolutely not wear shoes at least remember to wash their feet after their walks to keep them salt free.
  6. Some of us love to dress up our pets and some of us not so much, but for some pets a warm jacket or sweater is a necessity! A warm jacket can make all the difference on a walk for short haired, elderly, convalescing or arthritic dog.
  7. Remember Antifreeze is toxic keep it far away for your pets and your children!
  8. Cold weather can increase joint pain and stiffness in your older pets. Please keep this in mind when planning your pet’s day. An orthopedic bed or a heat mat might help alleviate some of the discomfort.
  9. Emergency Kits. Ready-made kits are available online for a reasonable price. This tip is not just for winter, but for all year round.


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