Remembrance Day


Monday, November 11, is Remembrance Day. Please take time this day to remember all the people who have sacrificed of themselves so that we can live as we do. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have served Canada in various endeavors around the world, with an incredible loss for generations. Never forget.

Of course animals have been in the company of humans for thousands of years. Cats have been constant sea-faring companions from the first tentative advances off dry land. Dogs have served with human soldiers in virtually every campaign – cart pullers, weapons carriers, battle companions, entertainment, retrievers and watch dogs. To say nothing of the many millions of animals displaced, injured or killed in all the world’s conflicts. So, this Remembrance Day, as we are thanking the human heroes, let us also remember the animal heroes that have served with us, and all the animals that have been heroes to the people who lived with them.


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